What is Broadband ?

By | 9th November 2015

Broadband technology is simply the name given to high-speed Internet access. Broadband replaced analogue modem. Broadband connection can be delivered in a number of different methods, ADSL, Cable & Satellite.

With a broadband router, you can connect two or more computers to share in Internet connection at home or office.

Broadband use a technology called NAT – Network Address Translation -, this is the use of a single IP address by all the computers in your home and office to connect and use the Internet at the same time.

Broadband connection speed to Internet is extremely high, it supports data, voice and video information

 It is considered broad in a sense that multiple kinds of information can be transmitted across the wire, or band.

Additionally, with broadband you can surf the web without delay, watch streaming videos with audio, make phone a call all at the same time.One of the interesting things about Broadband connection is, it’s always on, you don’t have to waste time dialing in to a service provider, it comes on  as soon as your computer is powered on.

Satellite Internet

 Cable Modem

 Wireless Router

 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Broadband Speed

The broadband speed difference is huge. It has revolutionized so much more of the way we use the Internet to the previous dial up Internet.

The broadband like it’s predecessors, information travels in two directions. Downstream and Upstream.

 Downstream refers to information going from the Internet to your computer, like when a new web page is loaded.

Upstream refers to information from your computer to the Internet, like the click of the mouse- that tells a web page where you’d like to go next.

Firstly, Internet transfer speeds are measured in kilobits per second and megabits per second, don’t mistake it for kilobytes and megabytes, we use these terms when we talk about hard disks and files.

Below is a summary on broadband calculated speeds.


You have to have in mind that the above data could be affected by your PC processing speed, viruses etc.


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