Configuring Wireless Router Examples

By | 9th November 2015

How To Configure The Basic Wireless Settings (Linksys Wireless B, G, N).

When you access the web-based utility, the first screen you see is the Basic Setup screen.
Click the Wireless tab and then select the Basic Wireless Settings tab.To configure the basic Wireless Settings, click on each tab to perform your configuration:
i. Network Mode
When you click the network mode bar, a drop down menu will be display all devices in your wireless LAN.
* If you have the Linksys Wireless-N, Wireless-G, and 802.11b devices in your network, select Mixed, the default setting.
* If you have Wireless-G and 802.11b devices, select BG-Mixed.
* If you have only Wireless-N devices, select Wireless-N Only. If you have only Wireless-G devices, select Wireless-G Only. If you have only Wireless-B devices, select Wireless-B Only.
* Select Disable to disable your wireless networking mode.

wireless router config.PNG

ii. Network Name (SSID)
The SSID is the network name shared among all points in a wireless network. The SSID must be the same for all devices in the wireless network. The SSID is case-sensitive and must not be more than 32 characters in length (use any of the characters on the keyboard). It is recommended that you change the default SSID to a your own unique name to enhance security.

iii. Radio Band
* If you are using Wireless-N, Wireless-G, and Wireless-B devices in your network, select Auto (default). This is recommended for best performance in your network.
* If you are using Wireless-N devices only, select Wide – 40MHz Channel.
For Wireless-G and Wireless-B networking only, select Standard – 20MHz Channel.

iv. Wide Channel
If you selected Wide – 40MHz Channel for the Radio Band setting, this setting is available for your primary Wireless-N channel. Select any channel from the drop-down menu.

v. Standard Channel
Select the channel for Wireless-N, Wireless-G, and Wireless-B networking. If you selected Wide – 40MHz Channel for the Radio Band setting, the standard channel is a secondary channel for Wireless-N.
vi. SSID Broadcast
When you are scanning your local area for wireless networks to connect with, you can detect the SSID broadcast by the access point. To broadcast the SSID, select Enabled (default). Select Disabled If you do not want to broadcast the SSID. When you have finished making changes to this screen, click the Save Settings button.

Click the Cancel Changes button to undo your changes. Click Help for more information.

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