Network Security with Cisco Routers

By | 9th November 2015

How to Secure your Network with Cisco Routers

  • Security passwords configuration
  • Pass phrases configuration
  • Secure administrative access
  • Secure Telnet and SSH
  • Maintain Router activity logs

Before we learn how to secure Cisco routers, lets briefly summarize the role routers play in network security

The Role of Routers in Network Security

As you must have known, routers are used to route traffic between different networks based on Layer 3 IP addresses and provide access to network segment and subnetworks. So said, that makes routers the definite targets for network attackers. When the border router of an organisation’s network is compromised or gained access to, unauthorized, it poses a potential threat to its sensitive information and other network services and resources.

Routers can be compromised in many ways, (Trust exploitation and MITM attacks) and this exposes the internal network configuration or components to scans and attacks.

In summary, two primary roles router plays in a network

  • Advertise networks and filter (permit/deny) who can use them.
  • Provide access to network segments and subnetworks

How to Secure your Network with Cisco Routers

Securing Your Network

  • Security Passwords and Passphrases Configuration and Encryptions
  • How To Configure Switch Security
  • Administrative Access Security
  • Telnet and SSH Security
  • Maintain Router Activity Logs

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