What is Windows Firewall?

By | 9th November 2015

Windows Firewall Explained with Example

A firewall is a hardware or software that monitors the traffic moving through a network gateway. Firewall can be configured to block or allow traffic based on defined criteria (ACLs). Firewalls blocks or allows random pings from a remote site to your computer or programs from your computer that attempts to access remote sites without your knowledge.

Most if not all windows software comes with inbuilt firewall. To view and configure your firewall on windows, follow these steps:

If your using XP

  1. Single-click on the wireless connection icon in your system tray
  2. Click Network and sharing centre
  3. Click windows firewall

How to Secure your Network with windows firewall

If you are using VISTA.

  1. Click on start button
  2. Right click on Network
  3. Select Properties

Click on firewall

  1. Click Turn Firewall On or Off

User account control dialogue box will appear, click Continue

How to Secure Your Network with Windows Firewall2


  1. ClickOn
  2. ClickApply

then Click Ok

How to Secure Your Network with Windows Firewall3

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