What is IPv6 Address?

By | 9th November 2015

IPv6 Expression and Examples

Unlike the 32-bit with four 8-bit fields of IPv4 address, separated by dots. IPv6 process a larger, 128-bit and the use of colons to separate it’s 16-bit hexadecimal entries.

IPv6 Address Expression and Examples1

Below explains how to shorten the IPv6 address:

Lets use the IPv6 address:


The Leading zeros in a field are optional. That means: the field 07C0 equals 7C0, and the field 0000 can be written as 0.

So, the above IPv6 address: 2041:0000:130F:0000:0000:07C0:853A:140B can be written as :


In addition, the fields of zeros can be represented as two colons ” :: “. like so:


It can also be written as:

   2041:0:130F:: 7C0:853A:140B. (with the field of 0s represented by colons)

Check the steps below:

IPv6 Address Expression and Examples2

Other Examples:

IPv6 Address Expression and Examples3


IPv6 Address Expression and Examples4

IPv6 Address Expression and Examples5

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