What is Network Threats ? Explained

By | 9th November 2015

Network Threats to Physical Infrastructure.

Another type of threat, which should be of importance, is against the physical security of devices.  An attacker can deny the use of network resources if those resources can be physically compromised.

There are four types of physical threats:

Hardware threats-Physical damage to servers, routers, switches, cabling plant, and workstations or PCs.
Electrical threats-Voltage spikes, insufficient supply voltage (brownouts), unconditioned power (noise), and total power loss
Environmental threats-Temperature extremes (too hot or too cold) or humidity extremes (too wet or too dry)
Maintenance threats-Poor handling of key electrical components (electrostatic discharge), lack of essential spare parts, poor cabling, and labelling
Here are some ways to manage physical threats [Word Document – 24.5 KB]

Types of Threats to Networks

When setting up a network, every administrator must put in consideration the threats that face every network security, wired or wireless. Listed below are the classes of threats to a network security:

1.      Structured Threats

2.      Unstructured Threats

3.      Internal Threats

4.      External Threats

Structured Threats

These are threats that can be caused by individuals or groups that are technically competent on the use of computer language (experienced hackers) . These individuals are quite aware of system weaknesses and use sophisticated hacking techniques to get into unsuspecting networks.

They break into business and government computers to extract information, to commit fraud, destroy or alter records. These people (hackers) use complex and highly improved methods to wreck havocs to networks.

Computer Crimes

Unstructured Threats

These are cause by mostly inexperienced individuals using easily available hacking tools, such as shell scripts and password crackers. But, these types of hackers are not to be underestimated because they could cause serious disruption to networks. Most businesses online are not trusted lately due to the hacking of legitimate businesses’ websites by unscrupulous individuals who uses it with the intent committing fraud.

Internal Threats

Internal threats occur when someone has authorized access to the network with either an account or physical access. Just as for external threats, the severity of an internal threat depends on the expertise of the attacker

External Threats

These types of threats are caused by from individuals working outside of a company who do not have authorized access to the computer systems or network. They break into an organisation’s network mainly from the Internet or dial up access servers. External threats can be caused either by inexperienced or an experienced hacker.

Threats to Physical and Network infracstructure

Network Security Software

Types of Network Attacks

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