What is Network Monitoring ? Explained

By | 9th November 2015

Monitoring the network can be a tedious task, especially when it’s a large one. As a network administrator, its you duty to ensure that your computer network systems are running smoothly and that no outages occurs on your watch. Keeping a constant eye on your network helps to increase the network efficiency; especially by knowing bandwidth and resources consumption.

There are different tools out there to help a network administrator in monitoring a network system for slow or failing components. Most of these tools helps to monitor, and notifies the network administrator of slow, failing components, resources consumption and sends notifications to the network administrator through email, SMS or alarms)

Cisco being the world leader in network administration and protection has several types of network admin tools including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless Access Points, VPN Concentrators etc etc.

Network Resources to monitor.

There are different resources including hardware to monitor on your network.  These resources and tools used for network usage, speed and availability should be constantly monitored for effective performances.

Network usage monitoring: This helps the network administrator to accurately access and monitor CPU and servers load and usage.

Network speed Monitoring: this especially deals with monitoring the bandwidth usage and speed. High Bandwidth usage and load speed can prevents your company’s websites and network services can be frustrating to your website visitors or users slow-loading pages, downloading of files or images.

Monitoring Network availability: The companies websites, mail servers, lease lines are network resources that are mostly accessed by both internal and external parties for services, these resources should be constantly monitored for for availability.

Monitoring Network Security systems: The security of your network should be your ultimate concern, network monitoring tools should include a traffic monitor that allows you to view everything on your network. Your network users and IP addresses that access your network are to be monitored to make sure there are no unauthorized access to  files and private company information.

Network Security

Network Troubleshooting

Network Security Tools

Access Control Lists

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