What is Network Security software ? Explained

By | 9th November 2015

If you are connected to the Internet through Wired or Wireless network (USB, broadband Modem or dial-up), most times you deeply rely on your computer and software for protection from viruses and other threats. If you are connected through a router, it might be able to help; because most routers are equipped with firewall. This helps to block any intruder or malicious software that attempts to penetrate your network through the Internet.

Viruses and other malicious software cause devastating effect on your PC without your knowledge.

It is a fact that windows security features has improved over the years especially with the later editions (windows 8) but, some vital elements are not included such as anti-virus protection and the windows firewall is child’s play to experienced hackers out there!. With this said, in order to stay and surf the net safely, you need third-party software security utilities installed.

There are different types of security software products available, for you stay and surf safe, you need at least three key security software tools:  an anti-anti-virus, Firewall and an anti-Spyware tool.


Computer Virus is no news to even non-computer users. Good anti-virus security software scans your computer for viruses; they are programmed to examine all files in your computer for hidden infections. If detected, it repairs, cleans or removes infected files from you computer. They use a set of virus codes known as snippets, to sniff out malicious software embedded in your compute files. For ant-virus software to do their work properly they need to be updated daily.


Firewalls are computer software programs that are designed to stop malicious software’s and hackers (unauthorised access) getting into you’re your computer; especially through the Internet.

Firewall monitors your computer’s network or Internet and examines information that goes in and out of your network.


Anti-spy-ware works in the same way as anti-virus program does but, anti-spy-ware products are more specific. An anti-spyware security tool scans your computer and removes any malicious software that seeks to gathers information about your computer use and personal information.

Most anti-spyware removes cookies.

Cookies are used by some websites to track your visits and others to post pop-up ads.

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