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DHCP Snooping Explained

WHAT IS DHCP SNOOPING? The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allocates IP addresses dynamically, it leases addresses to connected devices and the addresses can be reused when no longer needed. All connected Hosts and end devices that require IP addresses obtained through DHCP must communicate with a DHCP server across the LAN. DHCP snooping acts like a firewall… Read More »

What is Syslog? Syslog Explained.

System Message Logging – SYSLOG Modern network devices has advanced from simple transmitting of messages (email.documents, multimedia etc), network devices like Cisco routers and switches provides the features for network administrators to reading system messages from their internal buffer about  network situation at a particular time. The way do this is by using Syslog server. Cisco network devices (Routers… Read More »

What is VPN? Features of a Secure VPN

What are Features of a Secure VPN? VPNs use advanced encryption techniques and tunneling to permit organizations to establish secure, end-to-end, private network connections over the Internet. The basis of a secure VPN is data confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication: i  .   Data confidentiality – The common network security concern is protecting data from hackers. Data confidentiality aims at… Read More »

What are Common Network Security Threats?

Three common factors emerges when dealing with network security, these are vulnerability, threat, and attack. Vulnerabilities An experienced hacker knows that every network or device has a certain degree of vulnerability or weakness, and they take advantages of each security weakness or loophole to exploit the network.  A  Computer network hackers work round the clock in search of unsecured… Read More »

What is Network Security with Mac Address? Explained

Network Security using Mac Address Wireless routers like the Linksys by Cisco wireless range can be used not only for routing traffic between networks and computer in your home or office;it can also be used as a Firewall. As you must know; every network device is identified by a physical address also known as MAC address. You can use your wireless… Read More »

What is Firewall ? Explained with Examples

In networking, the term firewall means a system that enforces an access control policy between networks. This control policy can include options such as a packet filtering router, a switch with VLANs, and multiple hosts with firewall software.  A firewall system can be a composition of many different devices and components. One crucial component of a firewall is traffic… Read More »

What Switchport Security? Explained with Example

How to Configure Switchport Security Example Conventional network security often focuses more on routers and blocking traffic from the outside. Switches are internal to the organization, and designed to allow ease of connectivity, therefore only limited or no security measures are applied. The following basic security features can be used to secure your switches and network: *  Physically… Read More »

What is Windows Firewall?

Windows Firewall Explained with Example A firewall is a hardware or software that monitors the traffic moving through a network gateway. Firewall can be configured to block or allow traffic based on defined criteria (ACLs). Firewalls blocks or allows random pings from a remote site to your computer or programs from your computer that attempts to access remote sites without… Read More »

Cisco Router Security: How To Secure Cisco Routers Explained with Examples

Security Password Encryption on Cisco Routers. Password Encryption Setting a security password on the network router should be a fundamental aim when warding off network threats or intruders. Not just password, but a strong password. This will enable an administrator to have absolute control and secure access to a router. Good password guidelines: i.  Do not write passwords… Read More »

Network Security with Cisco Routers

How to Secure your Network with Cisco Routers Security passwords configuration Pass phrases configuration Secure administrative access Secure Telnet and SSH Maintain Router activity logs Before we learn how to secure Cisco routers, lets briefly summarize the role routers play in network security The Role of Routers in Network Security As you must have known, routers are used… Read More »