Naming and Numbering ACLs

By | 9th November 2015

What is Named and NumberACLs ?

Using numbered Access Control Lists (ACLs) is an effective method for determining the ACL type on smaller networks with more consistently defined traffic.

However, a number does not inform you of the function of the ACL.  with Cisco IOS Release 11.2, this enables you to  use a name to identify a Cisco ACL.

Numbered ACLs

You assign a number based on which protocol you want filtered:

(1 to 99) and (1300 to 1999): Standard IP ACL

(100 to 199) and (2000 to 2699): Extended IP ACL

Named ACLs

You assign a name by providing the name of the ACL:

Names can contain alphanumeric characters.

It is suggested that the name be written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Names cannot contain spaces or punctuation and must begin with a letter.

You can add or delete entries within the ACL.

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