What is VLAN ID Ranges? Explained

By | 9th November 2015

VLAN ID Ranges.

VLANs ID is divided into either a normal range or an extended range.

Normal Range IDs

–                     1 – 1005

–                     1002 – 1005 are reserved for Token Ring and FDDI VLANs

–                     1 and 1002 to 1005 are automatically created and cannot be removed

–                     Normal rage VLANs IS store in the vlan.dat file in the flash memory.

Extended Range IDs

–                     1006 – 4094

–                     Designed for service providers

–                     Have fewer options than normal range VLANs

–                     Stored in the running configuration file

 Cisco catalyst 2960 switch supports 255 normal and extended range VLANs

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