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By | 27th October 2015
VLSM Made Easy (2)
About the Book.
Unlike other eBooks that are big on potential and theory, this eBook provides results based on the authors own experience of what really works through practical, tried and tested advice.
Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM) is one of the most scary, popular and yet fascinating topic in CCNA or Networking as a whole.  Most would be CCNA students and Network administrators are finding it difficult and challenging when it comes to subnetting and route summarization.
During my CCNA networking year with Netacad Academy, most; if not all the student during my CCNA course dropped out of the course leaving only yours truly in a class of twenty-two! and the route cause of the drop-out i did understand was IP address subnetting!
Networking is all about IP routing, getting your IP addresses or subnets wrong could cost you or your organization a lot!
This eBook is written with the CCNA exam takers and network administrators in mind.  Through it’s step-by-step practical lessons and examples, you the reader will learn how to work out VLSM (subnets).
You will learn:
* How to create Inside IP subnets using VLSM the easy way
* How to use the VLSM Cram table during the CCNA exams.
* Why IP Subnetting is important and the benefits of it.
* How to create subnets using VLSM practice excises included in the eBook.

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