Troubleshooting VTP: Server as Client error and Solution

By | 9th November 2015

Accidentally Set Server Switch as VTP Client Solution.

Mistake happens,  As a network administrator you can mistakenly configure operating mode of the server switch as VTP client.

Only Server switches can create, delete, and modify VLANs. By reconfiguring the sever switch to VTP client mode, you lose all ability to create, delete, and manage VLANs within your network environment, all initial network administrative configuration will be lost.

Accidentally Set Server Switch as VTP Client Mode

VTP client switches do not store VLAN information in NVRAM, they need to refresh the VLAN information after a reload.


Configure a second switch in the same domain as a VTP server. It is not uncommon for small networks that use VTP to have all the switches in VTP server mode. If the network is being managed by a couple of network administrators, it is unlikely that conflicting VLAN configurations will arise.

Incorrect Revision Number

Incompatible VTP versions

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VTP Pruning

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