Troubleshooting WLANs

By | 9th November 2015

WLAN Problems, Authentication and Encryption Explained

The WLAN authentication and encryption problems you are most likely to encounter, and that you will be able to solve, are caused by incorrect client settings.

If an access point is expecting one type of encryption, and the client offers a different type, the authentication process fails.

Note, all devices connecting to an access point must use the same security type as the one configured on the access point. In essence, if an access point is configured for WEP, both the type of encryption (WEP) and the shared key must match between the client and the access point. If WPA is being used, the encryption algorithm is TKIP. Similarly, if WPA2 or 802.11i is used, AES is required as the encryption algorithm.

problem with authentication and encryption

1. Laptop/Client requests connection

2. Router / Access Point requests for authentication

3. Laptop /Client provides authentication

4. Router / Access Point rejects authentication

5. Laptop / Client lose connection

Reason for no connectivity:

1.  Wrong encryption type set on client / laptop

2. Wrong credential supplied to access Point.


1. Match encryption type on client / laptop

2. Match same credential on client and access point

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